Syndicate a Sweepstakes Column by Mr. Sweepy

Every year between 20-25 million Americans enter some kind of sweepstakes, contest or giveaway. Americans are competitors at heart and love to win. That’s why big advertisers and sponsors will use a prize promotion in about 20 to 25 percent of their advertisement to promote some sort of prize.

Your publication can take advantage of this trend, please your current readers and attract more with Mr. Sweepy’s Columns about Sweepstakes.

Offered in two formats, both give you the opportunity to participate in having a “Sponsored By” from either a local or national sponsor of a current promotion. So this is a WIN-WIN for you and your readers!

The first is what we call the Anne Landers style.  It’s a Q&A – a reader asks a question about sweepstakes and Mr. Sweepy answers it.

Sample Article #1

The second is a narrative version of roughly the same information – short, pithy text about sweeps.

Sample Article #2

The creator of the columns is Craig McDaniel with assistance of Anne Wayman.  Craig, known by tens of thousands of his followers as “Mr. Sweepy”, has been involved in sweepstakes and contest for many years. After winning his second truck from Firestone and General Motors, he started to get mail and telephone calls from across the country by people wanting to “know his secrets of winning” the big prizes. As a result, Craig created the website – The site went online in March of 2004 and is free for the members to join. We give the members to win great prizes from well known manor companies. The websites is supported solely by advertisers and no membership fee is required. Since its creation, Sweepstakes Today has published over 27,000 sweeps and contest. The members have won millions of dollars in prizes and many have made sweeping their favorite hobby. Recently the development team for Sweepstakes Today created a more advanced version of the website.

Anne Wayman is a nationally known writer who has written books, worked in the newspaper industry and also had her own syndicated column. She will be managing the column and free to contact her about adding the column to your publication.

Craig McDaniel and Anne Wayman

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