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A Sweepstakes Routine May Be Right For You

Some people benefit from setting up a daily sweepstakes routine. It helps them keep sweeping from taking up too much time and helps them be organized in their approach.

I tend to limit my sweeping to about 15 minutes every morning. Since my favorite thing to win is a new car or truck, that’s where I focus my efforts.

I check the time and begin by choosing the Autos, Boats & Vehicles category at I scan down the list quickly, looking for the kind of vehicle I want. In my case, for example, I don’t really want a bicycle, or boat. In fact I really like getting new trucks and my wife enjoys a new car now and again, so those are the only sweepstakes I enter each day.

I’ve learned to read the rules carefully but quickly. If for some reason I don’t qualify I move on.

If, when my 15 minutes is up, I haven’t entered all the sweeps available that day, I make a note of where I left off so I can come back the next day. On the other hand, if I end up with an extra few minutes I’ll look at what’s available in another category – either a favorite or just to see what’s going on.

I find a routine keeps me on track and winning.

Craig McDaniel, aka Mr. Sweepy is the creator and owner of

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