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Develop A Sweepstakes Specialty

Make no mistake about it, entering a lot of sweepstakes can take a lot of time. Some folks enjoy spending several hours a day at it; others want to streamline their sweeping hobby.

Picking a specialty is one good way to control the amount of time you spend entering sweepstakes.

There are two ways to sort sweepstakes. One is by type of prize, the other is by type of category.

Here’s what I mean. Over at we offer 18 prize categories like: Autos, Boats & Vehicles; Clothes & Jewelry; Travel/Vacations, etc. Simple pick the category or categories you like best and limit your entries to those.

Under the type of sweepstakes we offer 16 categories including: 24 Hour Daily Entry; Mail-In; Buy and Find and Instant Win, etc. Again, choose only the ones you truly enjoy.

Once you’ve experimented a bit with various categories and types you’ll know what you like best and can set up your own sweeps specialties.

Craig McDaniel, aka Mr. Sweepy is the creator and owner of

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