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Does it matter if some state’s residents can’t enter?

Dear Mr. Sweepy,

Sometimes I see that I can’t enter if I live in a specific state. What’s that all about and how important is it?


Dear KJ,

One of the biggest factors in winning sweepstakes concerns the rules about who is eligible to enter. So if you live in Texas and the contest says you can’t enter that sweepstakes if you live there, your entry will be thrown out.

Laws vary by state, so some sponsors choose not to operate a sweepstakes in every state. If you look at Census figures for the population of the United States, you can see that a sweepstakes that is not offered in New York and Florida increases the odds of entrants in other states by approximately 12 percent.

There are other rules that can influence your odds. Age will come into play many times.
For example if the prize is a trip to a Las Vegas casino, sweepstakes will typically have a minimum age of 21 entrants. If you are an adult and you see a sweep that allows 13 to 18 year olds to enter, then your odds of wining are reduced by the extra competition.

But you might want to take my attitude. I play by the rules and base my personal odds on the number of sweeps I enter in a year. This helps explain why I have won so much. Read the rules to understand which sweeps give you the best odds of winning, and you too can help yourself win!

Playing by the rules is easy at

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