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How To Get Started In Sweepstakes

Entering sweepstakes is probably one of the country’s fastest growing hobbies, and no small wonder. With prizes ranging from new homes to help with back-to-school expenses and everything in between, there truly is something in sweeping for everyone.

Getting started is super easy.  You find a sweepstakes you’d like to enter, read the rules, fill out the entry form and send it in – often with a single click on the internet. It is that easy. There are, however, a few hints that can make your sweepstakes life easier.

First, get a free email account through hotmail or other service and use that exclusively for as your sweepstakes email address. Make sure the address is something easy to remember and to print into a form. Read the email in that account on the web and you’ll find that helps you keep track of the sweepstakes you enter as well as various notifications. Sort them into folders as appropriate.

Keep in mind that these days many sweepstakes notify winners via email, so read carefully before you delete.

Don’t hesitate to give your phone number on the sweepstakes form. The companies offering sweepstakes tend to be respectful of your information and are likely to call you only if you win.

You can keep track of your entries when you enter through

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