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I’ve Won! Now What Happens?

You get an email or a phone call telling you you’ve won the grand prize! What actually happens?

Generally, if you’ve won the Grand Prize the email or the phone call will tell you more or less what to expect, but when the UPS or FedEx truck shows up with your prize, or the post office delivers you’re affidavit of winning, well, there’s little that’s as exciting as that! Even winning something small, like a DVD or special toy is thrilling.

If your prize is big enough to require an affidavit (real pros call it an “affy”) you’ll probably have to sign it in front of a notary, usually found at your bank. This affirms to the sponsor that you indeed are the person you say you are and are entitled to win the prize in question. After you have it notarized you simply mail it back, per instructions.

I like to send the sponsors I win from a thank you note. It’s not required, but it’s a simple enough thing to do and I suspect the person who opens the envelope all who see it are truly pleased. In fact, I know they are because sometimes I’ve gotten really nice letters back from the CEO or other officer of the company.

You can celebrate your win when use‘s free forum.

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