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Please, explain odds to me!

Dear Mr. Sweepy,

I don’t understand odds at all. Can you explain them to me?


Dear ES,

The “odds” are usually a numerical expression of your chances of winning a particular sweepstakes. Assuming the contest is a simple drawing and doesn’t require you to write a jingle or do something else where your performance will be judged, if you’re the only one entering your chances of winning are 100 percent; if two people enter, your chances are 50 percent. That’s why you see the sentence “Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received” so often. The more eligible people who enter the smaller the odds are that you will win.

You might want to adopt my view. I consider the odds of winning a big grand prize not by any individual sweepstake but by the number of contests I enter over a course of a full year.

Why? If I enter 1,000 sweepstakes in a year and the average number of entries in each is 25,000, then my odds of winning would be 1 in 25. Since I read the rules closely and pick contests carefully, I can lower my odds of winning a grand prize down to 1 in 23 or 1 in 24. This helps explain why I have won so much. Read the rules to understand which sweeps give you the best odds of winning, and you too can help yourself win!

Rules are easy to find when you use www.SweepstakesToday to find the contests you want to enter.

Craig McDaniel, aka Mr. Sweepy is the creator and owner of

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