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Sweepstakes’ #1 Myth – No One Ever Wins

If you ask non-sweepers why they don’t want to play, the most likely answer you’ll receive is “Why bother? No one ever wins those things!”

What they don’t understand is that in the United States, it’s the law every sweep must have a winner.

That’s right, it’s illegal to have a sweepstakes and not award the prizes advertised or their equivalent. So someone always wins. While the actual laws governing sweepstakes vary to some degree from state to state, you can be sure there will be a winner.

But even if it weren’t the law, think about it for a minute. How long would a big corporation like Ford Motors or Coca-Cola or, well, insert the name you want, last if they didn’t deliver on their sweepstakes promises? People would be up in arms. It’s only smart for them to award their prizes just as advertised.

That’s why big organizations hire specialized judging agencies – outside organizations which have the responsibility of making sure each sweep is conducted fairly and that a winner is chosen and that the prizes are actually delivered.

You can safely participate in the sweepstakes found at and assure your friends that every prize will be awarded.

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