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Sweepstakes Myth #2 – Prizes Are Worthless

The second biggest myth about sweepstakes is the idea that the prizes are worthless, or at least of low enough value to make entering a waste of time.

Of course, value is in the eye of the beholder, but the Founder of Mr. Sweepy, Craig McDaniel, has won prizes worth almost $100,000, including two trucks! Not too long ago General Motors offered any Chevy with upgrades to the winner provided the total cost didn’t exceed $50,000. Clorox recently awarded $5,000 to a lucky winner, and Sara Lee and State Farm joined hands to offer $500,000 toward a new home!

Sure there are lots of sweepstakes with prizes worth $100 or less, but even those are nothing to sneeze at considering how easy it is to enter and win.

Remember, you get to decide exactly which sweeps you want to enter; if the prize offered in one doesn’t appeal to you, choose another.

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Craig McDaniel, aka Mr. Sweepy is the creator and owner of

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